Special Teams

Special Teams

The RSPD has several special teams in the department that our officers are a part of. These include the following:
Critical Accident Team
There are two members of the Rock Springs Police Department on the Critical Accident Team or CAT team. They respond to all crashes involving serious bodily injury or death. After arriving they begin to reconstruct the crash scene by identifying evidence which can help in determining speeds of the vehicle, points of impact, causes of crash and any other extenuating circumstances which may have contributed to the crash.
Crime Scene Investigation

The Rock Springs Police Department has a highly trained Crime Scene Investigation team that is called out for major calls including homicides, suspicious deaths, armed robberies and calls of similar magnitude. The seven members of the Rock Springs Crime Scene Investigation team have been through several classes and trainings from Florida to California and have been trained in reading blood spatter, understanding injuries and how they were inflicted, locating fingerprints on various surfaces and photographing a crime scene for evidence, court and effective investigations. The Rock Springs CSI Team was started in 2001 and has been involved with the investigation of major crimes within the City of Rock Springs since its inception.

In 2007 there were five homicides committed within the City of Rock Springs and all five cases were solved and the suspects apprehended and taken to jail. This kind of success is an indicator of how well trained the personnel of the Rock Springs Police Department are and how well the different entities including the CSI team, Detectives and Patrol Officers, work together.
What We Do
During a typical CSI Team call a majority of the police department units will be directly involved or somehow assist with the investigation. Patrol Officers will help control the crime scene by restricting personnel allowed into the crime scene to those directly involved with the investigation. This is done to prevent any evidence being destroyed or tampered with.

Detectives will use information gathered from the initial calls to dispatch, the evidence from the crime scene, and accounts from witnesses and persons involved to begin a thorough investigation.

The CSI team is responsible for the actual crime scene itself. A team member will photograph the crime scene before any evidence processing begins. Then the CSI team will locate items of evidence, photograph each item of evidence, and then measure its location in relation to the area it was found. These measurements are used to create a crime scene diagram that will be to scale and can be used to recreate the crime scene and for court room purposes.
Other Functions
Other CSI team duties include fingerprinting, swabbing and blood spatter reconstruction. During blood spatter reconstruction a CSI team member can use the angle and size of blood drops on the floor, wall or ceiling to determine the approximate location the blood came from. This is helpful in determining the location of victims and suspects at the time they received fatal and non-fatal injuries.

After each item of evidence has been photographed and measured it is placed in an evidence bag. Each item of evidence is marked with the date, time, location and badge number of the officer who packaged the evidence. The evidence is then logged into the RSPD computer system and stored in a locked facility until the items are needed or are sent to the Wyoming State Crime lab for further processing.


Tactical Response Team

tac team


The Rock Springs Tactical Response Team uses special weapons and tactics in high risk situations where a standard law enforcement response would be too dangerous. 

 The team’s members have specialized training in weapon proficiency, room clearing, officer extraction, building and vehicle assaults, team movement and tactical training. TRT officers become proficient in the use of chemical munitions, distraction devices, automatic weaponry etc. In addition to the regular training regime, the sniper unit is responsible for training and weapon proficiency in their area of expertise.

 Officers wishing to be a member of the TRT unit must have two years on the department, show a dedication to physical fitness, and training and strive to constantly improve themselves and the department.






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