All requests for interment must be submitted to the Cemetery Sexton or his designee a minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled burial services. During winter, it is unlikely 48 hours will be sufficient, as the ground must be heated to remove frost. In this instance, this will require a 72 hour notice. If interments are scheduled at times other than normal working hours, additional fees may be charged, including overtime and holiday pay for the cemetery staff involved. Fees for interments are as follows:
Adult burial (normal work week) = $400.00
Adult burial (weekend or holiday) = $900.00
Infant burial (normal work week) = $200.00
Infant burial (weekend or holiday) = $400.00
Cremation burial (normal work week) = $200.00
Cremation burial (weekend or holiday) = $400.00
Columbarium and Mausoleum opening/sealing = no charge, included with purchase price except on weekend on holiday
Ground heater (needed for winter burials) = $150.00
Paperwork fee (deed issue fee) = $20.00
The City of Rock Springs reserves the right to require at least (5) five days notice prior to any disinterment. No disinterment will be made on Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, or on the day upon which any holiday is observed. All disinterments shall be done at the convenience of the cemetery staff and must be arranged with the City Clerk. All costs incurred with a disinterment will be charged to the individuals making the request.  Fees for disinterment are:
Adult (weekday only) = $1100.00
Infant (weekday only) = $400.00
Cremation (weekday only) = $300.00
For list of burials in Rock Springs Municipal Cemetery, please click on burial report at bottom of this page, or go to our Document Center for "Cemetery".

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