Rules & Conduct

Rules & Conduct

Conduct of Persons Within the Cemetery
Individuals may use the paved roads and driveways in the Cemetery for walkways, but use of grassed areas is prohibited unless individuals are visiting gravesites. Workers conducting official business are exempt from this prohibition. Individuals entering the Cemetery grounds must exercise caution since uneven, wet ground and heavy monuments may cause injury and/or damage. No children without adult supervision.
Decoration of Lots
Artificial or fresh cut flowers may be placed in a metal vase at any time. They will be discarded when wilted, faded, ruined or if they interfere with routing mowing and maintenance procedures. NO GLASS VASES OR GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED. The City reserves the right to regulate the method of decorating lots and may remove any decoration items which detract from the uniformity and overall appearance of the Cemetery.

Bushes or trees of any kind are not allowed, unless the person receives written permission from the Cemetery sexton or his designee. The placing of boxes, shells, stones, boulders, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, vases, glass, urns, fences, wood, metal cabinets, wire, nails or temporary grave markers and similar objects upon lots are prohibited.

The speed limit in the cemetery is 20 miles per hour. Vehicles are not permitted off the paved roadways. Official vehicles may travel off road as assignments require. At no time shall snow machines, all terrain vehicles or other recreational vehicles be permitted on the cemetery grounds.
Protection Against Loss
The City shall take every precaution to protect lot owners and property within the cemetery from loss or damage. The City shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by the elements, vandals, thieves or other events beyond the City's control.
Transfer of Gravesites
No transfer or assignment of any gravesite, or interest therein, shall be valid without the consent of the City. All consents must be placed on file in the City Clerk's office

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