Current Projects

Current Projects

Project: 2013 Road Extension Project
Project Summary:  The 2013 Road Extension Project will include approximately one mile of Stagecoach Boulevard to be extended to the west.  The extension will be classified as a arterial corridor, supporting five lanes of traffic.  Stagecoach will consist of asphalt pavement, sidewalk, curb, gutter and a bike lane.  A traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Foothill and Stagecoach Boulevard to accommodate the increased traffic.  Summit Drive will also be extended, approximately 1200 lineal feet, to intersect the new Stagecoach extension.  Summit Drive will be classified as a major collector, utilizing three lanes for traffic.  Summit will consist of asphalt pavement, sidewalk, curb, gutter and a bike lane.  Storm sewer will be designed within each roadway to convey drainage properly.  A sanitary sewer collection line will be incorporated into the extension of Stagecoach for future development.
A southwestern portion of Sweetwater Drive will be extended for approximately 960 lineal feet.   The extension will include widening of the existing road, placement of sidewalk, curb and gutter.  Newly placed infrastructure will provide proper drainage and an ADA corridor to the surrounding developments.  Approximate project completion is January 2014.    
Engineer / Contractor:  Choice Engineering Services, Inc. / DeBernardi Construction Co., Inc.

Project:  Scott/Reagan Detention Basins:

Project Summary:  The Scott/Reagan Detention Basins will be constructed on approximately 4.32 acres within the City of Rock Springs.  The Reagan basin will be located within the proposed Gunsight Estates Subdivision and Reagan Avenue.  The Scott basin will be located on Tract B of the Rendezvous Addition, near Sweetwater Drive and Pop Agie Drive.  The detention basins will contribute to flood control, include storm drain system, landscaping, sidewalk, curb, gutter and playground equipment.  The project will open bids at the January 7th, 2014 Council meeting.  Approximate project completion is Summer 2014.  
Engineer / Contractor:  JFC Engineers & Surveyors / High Desert Construction

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