Bid Information

Bid Information


Anyone submitting bids will be required to submit contact information (Name, phone number, address, email address, and project bidding on) in order to access the bid packet.

This way we can notify bidders of changes in bid requirements. If your bid is not complete it will be rejected. ******

he City of Rock Springs is seeking proposals and bids for leasing, fleet management, and potential additional services as defined in the Scope of Services, of seven (7) patrol vehicles and two (2) pick-up trucks for a one (1) year period. THIS IS A NON-GUARANTEED AMOUNT CONTRACT. The City intends to award a contract lease that will allow ordering to occur throughout a one (1) year period with the option of an extension to the lease agreement. Be advised that lease arrangements contemplated to extend more than one year will be subject to availability of appropriations. 

Sealed proposals/bids will be received until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, the 18th day of October 2022. All proposals/bids shall be filed with the City Clerk, City Hall, Rock Springs, Wyoming. 

Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management Bid Packet 

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