Bid Information

Bid Information



Anyone submitting bids will be required to submit contact information (Name, phone number, address, email address, and project bidding on) in order to access the bid packet.

This way we can notify bidders of changes in bid requirements. If your bid is not complete it will be rejected. ******

Notice is hereby given that the City of Rock Springs calls for bids for three vehicles for the Police Department.  All sealed bids will be received until 5 pm on January 15, 2019.  All bids shall be filed with the City Clerk at City Hall, Rock Springs Wyoming.  Bids will be opened by the City Council at 7 pm on January 15, 2019.

Police Vehicle Bid Packet

Notice is hereby given that the City of Rock Springs, Wyoming, does hereby call for bids for a general contract to consist of:

Cleaning, sandblasting and application of new epoxy tank coating on the interior of an existing 60’ diameter X 27’ high steel, non-potable water storage tank located at the Water Reclamation Facility in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  Work shall include but not limited to; cleaning, removal of existing tank coating and rust to the Society for Protective Coatings; SSPC 1 and SP10; and National Association of Corrosion Engineers International (NACE) surface preparation requirements, legal disposal of all debris, sand and waste materials, and application of two (2) coats of Epoxy Tank Coating to a total dry film thickness shall be equal to or greater than 30 mils.  Approximate 15 mils per applied coat.  Please note if any areas of the tank exhibit dramatic amounts of insufficient wall thickness, the remainder of this project may be delayed or canceled.

A Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference will be held in the Rock Springs City downstairs conference room located in City Hall on January 10th @ 10 A.M.  This conference will be mandatory for all sealed prospective bidders who wish to have their bid considered for the work.  Qualification of Contractors will be required.  Submit qualification documents with sealed bid.  Bid will be opened by the City Council at 7 pm on January 15, 2019.

WRF Interior Tank Coating Project

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