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Chapter 02 Article 03 Granting Municipal Officers Authority to Issue Citations

Article 2-3 Granting Municipal Officers Authority to Issue Citations

Section 2-300 Authority for Municipal Officers to Issue Citations.

In accordance with the authority granted to municipalities by the Wyoming State Legislature in § 7-2-103 (e) and § 15-1-103 of the Wyoming Statutes, effective July 1, 2007, the following employees of the City of Rock Springs are hereby granted the authority to issue municipal citations for the limited purpose of enforcing city ordinances related to animal control, parking, and the municipal code: (1) Animal Control Officer; (2) Animal Control Assistant; (3) Detention/Community Officer; (4) Parking and Nuisance Control Officer; (5) Building Inspector; (6) Plans Examiner; (7) Electrical Inspector; and (8) Fire Inspector.

(Ordinance 2007-11; 3/7/07)

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