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Chapter 04 Article EM Emergency Management Organization


4-EM010 Emergency Management Organization.



(referred to as Disaster and Civil Defense) as

per Section 19-5-107, Wyoming Statutes,


1. Emergency Management (referred to as Disaster and Civil Defense) shall mean planning for and carrying out emergency functions, including prevention, response, and recovery from disaster events. This includes, but is not limited to, disorder, flood, fire, sabotage, blizzard, tornado, and other natural, man-caused or nuclear emergencies.

2. There is hereby created the Rock Springs Emergency Management Organization which shall be governed by a council consisting of the Mayor and City Council members. The chairman of the council shall be the Mayor. The Vice Chairman shall be the President of the City Council. The council will become an integral part of the City Emergency Management Council during a county wide disaster.

3. The primary responsibility for initiating action at the time of an emergency or disaster rests with the elected government of the City of Rock Springs. A declaration of an emergency and subsequent assistance requests during or on account of an emergency or disaster in Rock Springs will be honored only when the emergency is declared by the chief elected official and/or emerficial and/or emergency council.

4. The Rock Springs Emergency Council is empowered to prepare, review and recommend to the Sweetwater County/City Emergency Management Council an emergency operations plan for the City of Rock Springs.

5. It shall be the duty of the Emergency Council to promulgate such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the efficient management and operation of the Rock Springs Emergency Management Organization.

6. The Rock Springs Emergency Council shall designateil shall designate a suitable location for the establishment of an Emergency Operations Center - to include essential communications, operating equipment and, if practicable, fallout protection.

7. The Emergency Operations Center for Rock Springs shall be located at the Rock Springs Police Department Communication Center. Emergency situations may warrant the establishment of a point of operation at the scene of the disaster.

8. The succession of authority within the Rock Springs Emergency Council will initially be:

(1) Mayor

(2) President of the City Council

(3) Council Member

(4) Council Member

(5) Council Member

(6) Council Member

Ord. No. 88-05, 3-1-88.

9. The Rock Springs Emergency Council shall recommend to the Governor of Wyoming a person to serve as coordinator for the Council, who shall serve at the pleasure of the Council and the Governor.

10. The Coordinator is hereby empowered and directed to:

(1) Prepare a local Emergency Operating Plan for Rock Springs and assist in the development of a county wide Emergency Operating Plan.

(2) Assist in the coordination of emergency responsibilities and functions of other departments, industry and citizens of Rock Springs.

(3) Execute directives and policies established by the Rock Springs Emergency Council.

(4) Coordinate training, planning, management and operational activities with the County Emergency Management.

11. The Rock Springs Emergency Council will, with the consent of the Governor, designate an agent or agents to receive services, equipment, funds, etc., offered by federal or state grant or loan or other donors.

12. This Ordinance is hereby declared to be a measure necessary to provide coordination with county, state and federal Emergency Management Organizations and for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, and shall take effect and be in force from and after passage. Prior ordinances adopted by the Rock Spred by the Rock Springs City Council which are in conflict with the letter and intent of the Ordinance are hereby rescinded.

13. The Mayor of Rock Springs is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to execute the Sweetwater County/Cities Resolution for an Emergency Management Organization on behalf of the City of Rock Springs. (Ord. No. 81-16, 4-7-81).

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