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Chapter 04 Article 10 Rock Springs Weed and Pest Control Board


4-1001 Membership.

There is hereby established a Board to be known as the "Rock Springs Weed and Pest Control Board." It shall consist of three members to be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council for three year terms to expire the last day of October; provided that the first appointments of the respective members shall be for terms to expire on the last day of October of 1974, 1975, and 1976. The City Council shall have the power to remove any member for cause. A vacancy on the Board shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).


The Board shall meet monthly and at such other times as necessary to conduct its business. Special meetings may be called by the chairman or vice chairman by giving notice thereof to the secretary, who shall immediately notify each member in writing of the time of the special meeting, which time shall be twelve (12) hours after the time of the notice. Threethe notice. Three members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings may be held without notice if all members are present. Meetings may be held in space provided by the City. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).

4-1003 Officers--Duties.

At the first meeting held after October of each year, the Board shall elect a chairman and vice chairman from among the members. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings, and in his absence the vice chairman shall preside. The Board shall designate a Secretary who need not be a member of the Board. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all the proceedings at each meeting and shall transmit copies thereof to the City Clerk, the Director of Public Services and each member of the City Council. The Secretary shall keep a file for minutes of the meetings. The actions taken by the Board at its meetings shall be approved or disapproved by the City Council at a meeting of the Council. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).

4-1004 Powers.

The Board shall make such rules and regulations and conduct such hearings as may be necessary to perform the duties given to it by this Ordinance. (Ord. No. 2138, 94-73).

4-1005 Executive Director, Attorney, and Other Employees.

The Board may employ an Executive Director, an attorney and such other employees and consultants deemed necessary to the discharge of its duties subject to the approval of the City Council. The Executive Director shall be its chief administrative officer of the Board. He shall be a resident of the City of Rock Springs and a person of good character and morals. The salaries of such employees shall be fixed by the City Council. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).

4-1006Wyoming Weed and Pest Control Act.

The City shall exercise the weed and pest control authorized by the Wyoming Weed and Pest Control Act of 1973, through the Rock Springs Weed and Pest Control Board. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).


The City shall acquire, lease and dispose of property in connection with the provisions of the Weed and Pest Control Act through the Rock Springs Weed and Pest Control Board, and the City shall exercise its weed and pest control powers through such Board. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).

4-1008Coordination of Activities With the City.

The Rock Springs Weed and Pest Control Board shall plan and coordinate the involvement and activities of the City in the areas of weed and pest control. The Rock Springs Weed and Pest Control Board shall advise the City Council on these matters. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).

4-1009 Money Appropriated and Received to be Deposited With the City Treasurer.

All money appropriated by the City Council and all money received from grants, gifts and other sources for the use and benefit of weed and pest control shall be deposited with the City Treasurer to the credit of the Rock Springs Weed and Pest Control Board fund only on warrants approved by the City Council. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).

4-1010 Delegation of Power to Board.

The City Council may delegate to the Rock Springs Weed and Pest Control Board and to employees assigned thereto certain administrative functions for the purpose of facilitating and expediting the performance of the duties of such Board as herein provided. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).

4-1011City to Perform Duties in Contracts Involving the United States of America or State of Wyoming.

The City shall assume and carry out its obligations under any contract involving participation of the United States of America or the State of Wyoming in proceedings, activities or grants in connection with this Ordinance. this Ordinance. (Ord. No. 2138, 9-4-73).

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