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Chapter 07 Article 02 Electrical Code


7-201 Electrical Inspector.

There is hereby created the office of Electrical Inspector for the City of Rock Springs, to be conducted under the supervision of the City Inspector. (Ord. No. 34-1; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-202 Appointment and Duties of Electrical Inspector.

Repealed. Ord. No. 91-16, 10-1-91.

7-203Routine Inspection.

Repealed. Ord. No. 91-16, 10-1-91.

7-204Right of Access to Buildings.

Said Electrical Inspector shall have the right during reasonable hours to enter any public or private building in the discharge of his official duties, or for the purpose of making any inspection or test of the electrical wires and appliances contained therein, and sned therein, and shall have the authority to cause the turning off of all electrical currents and cut or disconnect in cases of emergency any wire where such electrical currents are dangerous to life or property or may interfere with the work of the fire department. (Ord. No. 34-4; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-205 Permits Required.

No alterations or additions shall be made in the existing wiring of any building, nor shall any building be wired for the placing of any electric lights, motors, heating devices, or any apparatus requiring the use of electrical current, nor shall any alterations be made in any electrical appliances or the wiring in any building after inspection, without first notifying the Electrical Inspector and securing a permit therefor, as provided in 7-210, except minor repair work, such as repairing flush and snap switches, replacing fuses, changing lamp sockets and receptacles, taping bare joints and repairing drop cords. (Ord. No. 34-5; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963; Ord. No. 91-16, 10-1-91).

7-206Certificate of Inspection.

Upon the completion of the wiring of any building, it shall be the duty of the person, firm or corporation doing the same to notify the Electrical Inspector, who shall inspect the installation within 24 hours of the time such notice is given; and if it is found to be fully in compliance with the Ordinance and does not constitute a hazard to life and property, he shall issue a certificate of inspection authorizing connection to the electrical service and the turning on of the current. All wires which are to be hidden from view shall be inspected before concealment, and any person, firm or corporation installing such wires shall notify the Electrical Inspector, giving him 24 hours in which to make the required inspection before wires are covered up. (Ord. No. 34-6; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-207 Construction Requirements.

No certificate of inspection shall be issued unless the electric light, power and heating installation and all other electrical apparatus connected with it are in conformity with the provisions of this ordinance and the adopted National Electrical Code published by the National Fire Protection Association. All electric wiring within any structure, except one and two family dwellings and multi-family structures less than 6,000 square feet in size, shall be in approved conduits. (Ord. No.34-7; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963; Ord. No. 91-16, 10-1-91).

7-208Fees of Inspection.

Repealed. Ord. No. 88-14, 11-1-88.

7-209 Records of Permits and Inspections.

The Electrical Inspector shall keep complete records of all permits issued and inspections made and other official work performed under the provisions of this Ordinance. (Ord. No. 34-9; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-210Appeal From Ruling of Inspector.

Repealed. Ord. No. 88-14, 11-1-88.

7-211No Liability Assumed By City.

This Ordinance shall not be construed to relieve from or lessen the responsibility or liability of any party owning, operating, controlling or installing any electrical equipment, for damages to anyone injured or any property destroyed by any defect therein, nor shall the City be held as assuming any such liability by reason of the inspection authorized herein, or certificate of ir certificate of inspection issued as herein provided. (Ord. No. 34-11; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-212Penalty for Violation.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this Chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum not more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars to which may be added the costs at the discretion of the Court. (Ord. No. 34-12; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-213Adoption of National Electric Code, 1981 Edition.

Repealed. Ord. No. 88-14, 11-1-88.

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