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Chapter 07 Article 03 Gas Code

Article 7-3 GAS CODE

7-301 Gas Inspector.

There is hereby created the office of Gas Inspector to be conducted under the supervision of the City Inspector. (Ord. No. 221, Sec. 1, 6-23-24; Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-302Application for Permit.

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to begin any job of gas fitting until the person so doing has secured from the City Gas Inspector a permit to do said work. In order to secure said permit, the gas fitter shall make application, upon blanks furnished for that purpose, to the City Gas Inspector, and shall notify the City Gas Inspector when the work is ready for inspection. Said application shall show the name of the owner or agent of the premises; the lot, block and addition; the name of the gas fitter having charge of the work; also a description of the work to be done, setting forth the number and kind of fixtures already installed and to be installed. (Ord. No. 81-44, 1-6-81).

7-303Notice of Time of Inspection.

It shall be the duty of any person, firm or corporation installing any gas work to notify the Gas Inspector twenty four hours in advance of when the work is ready to be tested or inspected. Said notice must be filed in the office of the Gas Inspector.  (Ord. No. 221, Sec. 3, 6-23-24; 35-3, Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963; Amended Ord. 2012-10, 12-18-12).

7-304When Gas to Be Furnished.

Before any gas may be turned on to any consumer by any gas company, a certificate must be filed by the Gas Inspector with said company, stating that this particular work has passed inspection. (Ord. No. 221, Sec. 4, 6-23-24; 35-4, Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-305 Rules and Regulations.

Repealed. Ord. No. 91-16, 10-1-91.

7-306Unlawful to Tap Main Supply Line.

It shall be unlawful for any person, persons or corporation other than the company furnishing gas, or its duly authorized agent, to tap the main supply lines furnishing the gas to the inhabitants thereof, which said lines run through the alleys or streets of the City of Rock Springs, or its additions or vicinity; and in all cases where installations are required or ordered, said gas company, or its duly authorized agent, shall tap the main and extend the service line to the property line; and if service lines are installed inside the property line by other persons than the company furnishing gas or its employees, all of said installations of service pipe shall be left uncovered until inspection thereof has been made, and no plumber or gas fitter or other person shall bury any of said pipes inside the property line until an inspection thereof has been made and filed with said gas company. (Ord. No. 221, Sec. 5, Rule 19, 6-23-24; 35-6, Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-307 Warning After Shut-Off.

No person, firm or individual shall resume service or turn gas into mains which have been shut off temporarily or for any length of time until all consumers using gas from such mains have been notified of the resumption of service, and have been warned to close all outlets left open when the service was interrupted. (Ord. No. 35-7, Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-308Penalty for Violation.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this Chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum not more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, to which may be added the costs at the discretion of the Court. (Ord. No. 221, Sec. 6, 6-23-24; 35-8, Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963).

7-309Adoption of the Standard for the Installation of Gas Appliances and Gas Piping.

Repealed. Ord. No. 91-16, 10-1-91.

7-310City Clerk Required to Keep a Copy of Code on File.

Repealed. Ord. No. 91-16, 10-1-91.

7-311 Repealing Ordinances in Conflict.

All ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. (Ord. No. 1520, 11-19-62; Rev. Ord. 1963).

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