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Chapter 10 Article 06 Fees for City Action for Benefit of Private Parties


10-601 Fees Collected.

That there be collected, in addition to any other fees set by law, all fees, costs, expenses or other charges involved in the issuance of any special permit or license, or in the vacation and sale of land, or in the filing of any plat or change of any plat, or in any application for a change in zoning, or in granting of a change in zoning or for any other action of the government of the City of Rock Springs taken primarily at the request of and for the benefit of an individual person, firm, or corporation. (Ord. No. 2209, 6-3-74).

10-602Costs Included.

Such charges shall include costs of publication of notices, costs of recording, costs of publication of minutes of City Council proceedings recording action on such application, costs of engineering surveys, and legal costs, in addition to any other specific costs attributable to such application of any individual person, firm, or corporation, and all such charges shall be paid before the requested action is taken by the government of the City of Rock Springs. (Ord. No. 2209, 6-3-74).

10-603 Cash Deposit Required.

On application being made by an individual person, firm, or corporation, for any action involving special costs, the City Treasurer shall require the applicant to pay a cash deposit sufficient to cover all such costs which may be involved in the processing, consideration of, and granting of such application. (Ord. No. 2209, 6-3-74).

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