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Outdoor Burning

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a great source of warmth and ambience. Over the past few years these devices have grown in popularity with homeowners. It is important to keep fire safety at the forefront when setting up and using one of these devices.

First and foremost always follow the rules and regulations for safe use. This includes ensuring that you install and operate your outdoor fireplace or fire pit following the manufacturer's instructions. Also check and follow local laws and regulations governing outdoor fires.

In Rock Springs outdoor burning for campfires and cooking is permitted without a permit if it is in an approved container and you follow specific rules. This applies to outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, belowground fire pits, freestanding fireplaces, and portable devices intended to contain or control outdoor fires.

Rock Springs Fire Department Policy FP 13-01 gives an overview of the requirements for approved outdoor burning in Rock Springs.

Please remember that fires which are offensive or objectionable because of smoke, odor emissions, or when circumstances make the fires hazardous are prohibited. The Rock Springs Fire Department will order the extinguishment or extinguish any fire that in their opinion creates or adds to a hazardous or objectionable situation.

Following are several fire safety precautions to help keep you safe:

Always place your device on a solid surface and in an open area. Placing it near buildings, trees, or overhanging rooflines should be avoided. Fire devices should be located a minimum of 15 feet away from any structure or combustible materials. Dry leaves, paper, dry grass, or pine needles can catch fire easily from a stray spark.

Only use approved fuels. Make sure that wood used in solid fuel devices is the proper firewood, commercial logs, or charcoal. Never burn yard waste, garbage, plastics, railroad ties, or any other material that would give off offensive smoke.

Never use accelerants to light a fire. Flammable liquids should be kept well away from fires. Some flammable liquids can catch fire just from the heat emitted by the fire.

Propane and natural gas outdoor fire devices require the same diligence and caution as solid fuel devices. When using a propane or natural gas fueled device ensure that the fuel source is well away from the fire. Check all hoses, valves, and attachment to make sure there are no leaks or holes. Always know how and where to shut of your propane or natural gas supply in case of an emergency.

Before you light a fire check the wind direction and strength. A strong wind can cause a small fire to spread out of control quickly. It is better not to use your device under windy conditions.

Keep a fire extinguisher or garden hose with a spray nozzle available so that if anything does escape the fire area it can be extinguished quickly and effectively.

Never leave a fire unattended. An unattended fire can spread quickly. Make sure the fire is put out properly and completely before you retire for the evening.

Do not allow children to play around an open fire device. Children can be careless and get hurt or burnt while playing near an open fire.

Many commercial open fire devices come with a spark screen. These screens help keep sparks from escaping. The screen also minimizes the effect the wind has on the fire. Always ensure you use the screen provided with your device.

Many people buy outdoor fireplaces or fire pits to enjoy their evenings outside, but that enjoyment should not be a nuisance to the neighbors. Ensure that the smoke is not heading into a neighbor's yard. If it does so put out the fire or move the fire pit to another location, provided it is a portable unit. Our neighbors want to enjoy their evening just like us and it is our moral responsibility not to spoil their evening.

Follow these guidelines to enjoy using your outdoor fire device in a safe manner.           

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