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Garbage Reminder

The City of Rock Springs would like to remind you that City ordinance requires all residents bag all trash in tied or sealed disposable plastic bags.

4-200-4 Pre-collection Practices--Residential.

All table garbage, paper, rubbish, trash, trimmings, glass, tin cans, grass clippings, ashes, leaves, and other debris of like matter shall be placed and maintained in containers of at least twenty (20) gallon capacity and not to exceed seventy-five (75) gallon capacity, and in disposable plastic bags, tied or sealed to prevent escape of refuse.

(1) Preparation of Refuse.

(a) Garbage: All wet garbage before being placed in garbage cans for collection shall have drained from it all free liquids and shall be placed in disposable plastic bags tied or sealed to prevent escape of garbage.

(b) Rubbish: All rubbish shall be drained of liquid before being deposited for collection.

(c) Trimmings and Clippings: Tree trimmings, hedge clippings and similar material shall be cut to a length not to exceed five (5) feet and securely tied in bundles of not more than seventy (70) pounds in weight before being deposited for collection.

(2) Refuse Containers.

(a) Residential -- Duty to Provide and Maintain in Sanitary Condition. Refuse containers shall be provided by the owner, tenant, lessee or occupant of the premises or the collection company. Refuse containers shall be maintained in good condition. Any container that does not conform to the provisions of this Ordinance or that may have ragged or sharp edges or any other defect liable to hamper or injure the person collecting the contents thereof shall be promptly replaced upon notice.

(b) Commercial Containers -- Commercial containers and receptacles shall be stored in a fenced and screened area to prevent the escape of refuse and shield the containers from public view.

(3) Storing of Refuse.

(a) Public Places. No person shall place any refuse in any street, alley or other public place, or upon any private property whether owned by such person or not, within the City except it be in proper containers for collection or under express approval granted by the Nuisance Officer. Nor shall any person throw or deposit any refuse in any stream or other body of water.

(b) Unauthorized Accumulation. Any unauthorized accumulation of refuse on any premises is hereby declared to be a nuisance and is prohibited. Failure to remove any existing accumulation of refuse within ten (10) days after the effective date of this Ordinance shall be deemed a violation of this Ordinance.

(c) Scattering of Refuse. No person shall cast, place, sweep or deposit anywhere within the City any refuse in such a manner that it may be carried or deposited by the elements upon any street, or sidewalk, alley, sewer, parkway, or other public place, or into any occupied premises within the City.

(4) Points of Collection.

(a) Residential -- Refuse containers shall be placed for collection at ground level or on a platform not to exceed three (3) feet above the ground, and not within the right-of-way of a street or alley. Refuse containers shall be secured in a safe place, except for the day of or the evening prior to collection when in all residential areas where there is a serviceable alley, said containers shall be placed on the property being serviced adjacent to said alley, or in all residential areas where there is not a serviceable alley, said containers shall be placed next to the curb. Refuse containers must be available for pickup between the hours of 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. on the collection day, and shall be removed by that day's end.

(b) Commercial -- At such place or places as the Nuisance Officer shall designate.

(c) The Contractor will not be required to enter commercial establishments. (Ord. blishments. (Ord. No. 1080, 6-11-51; Rev. Ord. 1963; Ord. No. 1647, 7-19-65; Ord. No. 1796, 5-5-69; Ord. No. 1981, 4-1-72; Ord. No. 2006-29, 12-5-06; Rev. Ord. 2013-23, 12-17-13).

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