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Fire Hydrant Testing Underway Beginning June 1, 2018

Having adequate water is essential for extinguishing a fire. This is the primary purpose that fire hydrants serve in a community. Fire hydrants provide a way for the fire department to get water to extinguish a fire before it can grow or spread out of control.

To ensure that fire hydrants will function properly the Rock Springs Fire Department conducts annual maintenance and flow testing on the fire hydrants in Rock Springs. Proper maintenance ensures that fire hydrants are in operational condition. Flow testing ensures that fire hydrants have sufficient water available to extinguish a fire.

You can help the Rock Springs Fire Department in this important task by following these tips:

A fire hydrant can flow over 1,000 gallons of water per minute at a high pressure. Never drive through the flowing water.

The area where the water stream can be directed is limited. Do not park vehicles within 15 feet of fire hydrants. Keep trees, bushes, fences, and landscape decorations at least 3 feet away from fire hydrants.

Fire hydrants are color-coded and numbered to help firefighters identify the fire hydrant. If you have a fire hydrant in your yard and wish to paint it do not change the colors or paint over numbers.

An inadvertent side effect of fire hydrant maintenance is the possible discoloration of your tap water. If this occurs simply run your water until the discoloration clears. Do not wash white laundry while the water is discolored.

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