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Chapter 13 Article 08 Zone District Regulations - 0819 Dining Decks

 13-819. Dining Decks

 A.  Purpose

The purpose of this section is to establish requirements and guidelines for restaurants in the B-3 Zone that wish to add dining decks as an accessory use to their existing restaurant.

 B.  Definitions

Dining Deck: means a platform(s) operated by an existing restaurant or food establishment which sells food, beverages or alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption, subject to design guidelines established herein, located on the abutting parking spaces in front of the establishment for patrons and other persons. The dining deck can only be accessed from the sidewalk.

C.  Application

An application for Dining Deck approval shall follow the submittal and review process as a Minor Site Plan in accordance with Section 13-904. Information required under D. General Provisions of this Section shall be included. The site plan shall be stamped by a Wyoming Licensed Professional Engineer. Due to City Street Right-of-Way involved, a Lease Agreement with the City of Rock Springs must also be submitted.

 D.  General Provisions

(1) Size: Dining deck area shall be limited to the linear street frontage of the restaurant. The encroachment of the proposed decks into the street will not exceed 9 feet from the curb. The dining deck shall be situated in a manner to provide safe vehicle movement for the adjacent street parking spaces. The encroachment of the proposed decks into the sidewalk shall be minimized to provide a minimum of 6 feet clearance between the deck and the building. The dining deck shall not be more than 4 feet above the sidewalk level.

(2) Application: A dining deck application shall be valid for one (1) year

(3) Material: Street dining decks may be built of wood platforms and shall have a solid base. The design of the base shall complement the style of the building. The dining deck shall have a perimeter railing, barrier, or similar structure which shall provide protection and enclosure for the dining deck. The railing or barrier shall be determined by the City on a case by case basis.

(4) Drainage: Design of the dining deck and its skirting shall not interfere with existing drainage and shall allow storm water to run adjacent to the curb unobstructed. A drainage plan must be provided and stamped by a Wyoming Licensed Professional Engineer.

(5) Utilities: Location of all utilities shall be shown on the Site Plan. Dining decks shall not be placed on top of manholes, water valves, or storm drains. Access to utilities including fire hydrants shall not be hindered by the dining deck.

(6) Street: Bonding shall be includes under the Lease Agreement for potential damage to the infrastructure (pavement, sidewalk, curb/gutter, etc)

(7) Umbrellas: Umbrellas are allowed but are prohibited from extending beyond the dining area.

(8) Duration: Dining decks are permitted from May 1st and shall terminate on October 30th, each year, and must be completely removed by November 7.

(9) Licensing: The applicant shall adhere to applicable City and State licensing ordinances including alcoholic beverage permits.

(10) Alcoholic Beverages: All alcoholic beverages to be served on the dining deck shall be prepared within the restaurant and shall only be served to patrons seated at tables on the dining deck

(11) Food Service: all food to be served on the dining deck shall be prepared by the restaurant

(12) Maintenance: the maintenance of the dining deck shall be the responsibility of the establishment including but not limited to, surface treatment and cleaning, litter control, sweeping, and snow and ice removal. The sidewalk and public property shall be kept neat and clean at all times and free from any substance that may cause damage to the sidewalk or public property or cause pedestrian injury.

(13) Storage: All equipment and other associated materials must be removed and stored on private property during the off season.

E.  Review and Approval

The Dining Deck Application shall be reviewed as a Minor Site Plan under Section 13-904. Final Approval shall be by the City Council along with a Lease of City Street Right-of-Way.

(Ord. 2018-08, 6/5/18)

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