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Utility Billing Resident Portal Mobile Set Up Instructions

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Make sure you have read and understood all disclosures on the previous page regarding the new Online Resident Portal before setting up an account, payments, Auto-Pay or eBilling. 
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For questions or concerns contact Rock Springs Municipal Utility at 307-352-1527.

Use these instructions if you are using a Mobile Device or a Tablet that uses mobile view. 
Please click here if you need instructions using a computer.

Utility Billing Online Resident Portal Set up
Mobile Device/Tablet Instructions

Create a Username & Password

  • You will create a username & password to log in to your account to access our resident portal. 

    • Make sure Sign Up is selected.

    • Locate your Security Code. This information can be found on your monthly bill in the top, right-hand corner. (example below)Utility Bill Reference
    • Enter your security code and the e-mail address you want associated with your account. Confirm the e-mail address to ensure delivery to the correct e-mail. (example below)

    • Click SEND VERIFICATION EMAIL (green button)
    • The next screen will say A verification code has been sent to the following e-mail. Check your e-mail for the verification code. The e-mail will come from If you did not receive a verification code, you can click the resend verification button. Confirm your registration by either clicking the confirm registration button within the e-mail, or entering the verification code into the screen on your account signup. 

    • You will then be prompted to set up your account. Your username can be anything you wish, as long as it is available. Follow the password criteria to create a password for your account, then click Sign Up. Please note: This is just creating an account for you to have online access to your billing history. This will not sign you up for any payments or e-billing. 

    • Once you have your account set up, return to the main page to sign in.

    • The home page is your transaction history in which you can view your payment history and a PDF copy of your bills. To view a bill click the view bill button next to the amount. 

Making Payments/Setting up Auto-Pay

You are able to initiate a one time payment through the Online Resident Portal.

  • To make a one-time payment, click the three lines outlined by a square, then click Pay Bill tab and follow the prompts. 

    Pay Bill

  • You are also able to set up Auto-Pay to auto deduct from your specified account each month. Please keep in mind, it will not begin until the next billing cycle. 

    • To set up auto-pay, click the three lines outlined by a square, then go to the My Account tab.
      My Acct   
    • Once you are in the My Account list, click the three lines outlined by a square next to User Login. This will open the My Account Menu.

    • Click Auto Pay under payment settings. Click the Auto-Pay button from Off to On
      AutoPay                         AutoOnOff
    • Once you click ON, it will take you to a screen to set up Auto-Pay. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to Auto-Pay.

    • Auto-Pay will automatically draft the full amount due from your designated payment method 2 days before the due date. You must have a saved payment method for Auto-Pay to work. 

    • Auto-Pay will not begin until the NEXT BILLING CYCLE. Our billing cycle dates vary from month to month. If you're signing up towards the end of the month, it may not activate in that billing cycle. Please contact our office if you're unsure when Auto-Pay will start.

Setting Up Electronic Billing Notifications / E-bills 

  • If you would like to receive electronic notification when your bill is ready to be viewed through the portal you will need to activate eBills.

    • Click the three lines outlined by a square, click on My Account. (example below)

       My Acct

    • Once in my account, click on the three lines outlined by a square next to User Login. This will open the My Account Menu, then select eBill under Bill Delivery. (example below)

    • Move the eBill from OFF to ON (example below)
    • Select which option you would like: eBill only or eBill and Paper Bill, then click Update(example below)

Please Note: By selecting eBill in either option, you will be sent an e-mail letting you know when a bill is ready to view. You will need to log into your account to view your bill and/or amount due. 

Connecting Multiple Properties

This is for customers who pay for more than one property. If you are a landlord and have an active Rental Waiver on file, you will not have access to that property.

  • If you have more than one account, you are able to connect them all through one log in.

    • Click the three lines outlined by a square to go to My Account tab. Once in the My Account tab, click the three lines outlined by a square next to User Login to open the My Account Menu. (example below)
      My Acct
    • Once in the My Account tab, click the three lines outlined by a square next to User Login to open the My Account Menu. Then, click Connected Accounts under About Me. (example below)

    • Click the green button “ADD NEW ACCOUNT” in the top, right hand corner. (example below)

    • You will then be prompted to connect a new account to your log in. You will need the security code for the additional location. This can be found on your monthly invoice. See Create a Username & Password at the top of this page for additional information on where to find your security code. You will need the zip code for the property. If your property is located in Rock Springs it will be 82901. If you have property in Reliance it will be 82943. (example below)
      Connect Mobile

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