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Chapter 16 Article 02 Application, Exemptions, and Rules

16-201 Application.

(A) These regulations shall apply to all of the lands within the boundaries of the City of Rock Springs, Wyoming, as they shall from time to time be amended.

(B) Every owner or proprietor of any tract or parcel of land who shall hereafter subdivide or resubdivide his lands into two (2) or more parts for the immediate or future purpose of sale, building development or redevelopment for any residential, recreational, industrial, commercial, public or other use, shall submit a subdivision plat or plats in accordance with these regulations. No person shall commence the physical layout or construction on the ground of a subdivision without first obtaining the approval of the City Council in the form of an approved subdivision plat. (Ord. No. 2007-03, 3/06/07).

(C) None of the provisions of these regulations shall be construed to require platting in any case in which subdivision plats have been made and legally recorded pursuant to any regulations previously in force; and all plats heretofore filed for record and not subsequently vacated are hereby declared valid, notwithstanding the fact that the procedures or the manner and form of acknowledgement may have been different than those prescribed by these regulations.

16-202 Exemptions.

(A) Unless the method of the sale of land is adopted for the purpose of evading these regulations, these regulations shall not apply to:

1. The subdivision of land for and the sale of cemetery lots.

2. The sale of land to the State of Wyoming, the federal government, or any political subdivision thereof.

3. Railroad right-of-way.

4. Any designated lot y designated lot of any already recorded subdivision if the lot is being altered for the sale, provided that said alterations do not create any non-compliance with existing zoning ordinances.

5.  These regulations do not apply to the sale or other disposition of land where any resulting parcels involved are thirty-five (35) acres or larger, subject to the requirement that ingress and egress and utility easements shall be provided to each parcel by binding and recordable easements of not less than sixty (60) feet in width to a public road unless specifically waived by the grantee or transferee in a binding and recordable document. (Ord. 2017-10, 8/2/17)

16-203 Rules.

(A) All subdivisions as defined and under the jurisdiction of this Ordinance are subject to the provisions of this Ordinance and to the Wyoming Statutes which regulate subdivisions.

(B) No building permits shall be issued for construction until requirements of this Ordinance have been fully complied with.

(C) Unless approved as a Final Plat as provided herein, no subdivision shall be entitled to be recorded or have any validity.

(D) No public improvements are to be installedre to be installed unless the Final Plat is approved and service shall not be provided until approval of the Final Plat is granted and same has been duly recorded.

(E) No deeds shall be recorded or property transferred until a plat has been approved and recorded in the manner prescribed herein. The description of such lot by metes and bounds shall not exempt the transaction from the provisions of this Ordinance.

(F) The City shall not issue permits for any structure on a lot in a subdivision from which a plat has not been approved and recorded. The City may only issue permits on a tract of unplatted land provided that the property is not involved in the subdivision process.

(G) All subdividers shall be required to make the necessary arrangements with the Administrator for sanitary sewer, septic tanks, drain fields, and water systems, all in accordance with the standards set by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

(H) The City reserves the right to withhold any or all public service, including the maintenance of roads and streets from all subdivisions, parcels, or tracts which have not been approved by the Council.

(I) No changes, erasures, modifications, or revisions shall be made in any plat of a subdivision after approval by the Council unless said plat is first resubmitted to the commission and Council for their consideration. (Ord. No. 2007-03, 3/06/07).

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