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Toilet Paper Shortage

With the recent run on toilet paper at local stores, the City of Rock Springs would like to remind citizens to watch what you flush. The City sanitary sewer system is designed for human waste and toilet paper. Paper towels, napkins, tissues, and wet wipes (hygiene or baby), even if they say “flushable” can cause issues in homeowner sewer systems, City sewer systems and City pumping stations. These items do not break down in their travels down the pipes causing slower flows and ultimately sewer back ups.

Now is not the only time to watch what you flush. Below is a list of items that belong in the trash, not the sewers:

  • Wrappers Cotton Swabs
  • Cigarette Butts Condoms
  • Tampons and tampon applicators Tissues
  • Facial wipes Paper Towels
  • Shop Towels Wet Wipes (baby, hygiene, disinfecting)

Feel free to contact Nick Seals with any questions.

Nick Seals

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