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Mayor Kaumo's COVID-19 Statement to Community

March 17, 2020
Mayor Timothy A. Kaumo
COVID-19 (Statement to the community)

In efforts to minimize risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, I have directed all City departments to cancel
any current or scheduled event which may see gatherings of 15 people or more. In regards to these
small gatherings, the individuals attending must not be ill, they must not have had contact with any
person known to have the virus and they must not have recently traveled to areas known to have active
cases of COVID-19 nationally or internationally. This would include events in City facilities including City
Hall, Rock Springs Family Rec Center, Civic Center, Young at Heart Senior Center and facilities managed
by the URA including the Transfer Depot Station and Broadway Theatre.

The purpose of cancelling events is not because people are hysterical or because we believe the virus is
rampant within our community, but because we only have so much capacity to deal with high numbers
of very sick people if and when it is needed. Our goals is to delay the spread of this virus at the earliest
stage possible by keeping people away from large gatherings and at a safe distance from one another.
We have a chance to protect more people effectively and not overwhelm our hospitals and clinics and
their staff by taking these steps. There are a limited number of hospital beds, doctors and nurses as well
as equipment and supplies to help those who do have the virus and need attention. This strategy will
reduce the burden on our medical staff and facilities and reduce the possibility of spreading the virus.
Without these measures in place and if we see a significant increase in cases here in Sweetwater
County, we would most assuredly inundate our medical facilities and staff.

Once again, these measures are not being taken because of panic, they are being taken as a precaution
in hopes of preventing panic. Everyone must do their part to ensure the best outcome of this situation
in our communities.

There is a plan in place. The City of Rock Springs, Green River and County continue to discuss new
developments and adjust as needed to assure the highest level of precautions are made. We have
ongoing communication with the Wyoming Department of Health, Center for Disease Control,
Sweetwater County Public Health and Memorial Hospital as well as our emergency responders to ensure
everyone is on the same page and we have the most current information available and can make
adjustments as needed based on new information.

To date, we have been made aware of 3 known cases of COVID-19 in Wyoming. No known cases have
been reported in Sweetwater County as of now. That is not to say it doesn’t exist as limited testing has
been done here in our county. This is why it is critical to do our part to minimize the possibilities of this
virus spreading here in our county.

Steps for each of us to take:

Avoid contact with ill people wherever possible
If sick, limit your contact with others
Stay home if you are sick
Cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing
Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth which is how germs spread
Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated
Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not
available, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol

In regards to our food supplies and purchases;
I have had conversations with our grocery suppliers who have been inundated with people hoarding
food and panic buying items in case of being quarantined. I have asked that items such as toilet paper,
hand sanitizer, baby formula, water and other items that seem to be included in those which people are
hoarding, to be limited to each individual in hopes of allowing these items to be shared throughout the
community. We are one community and we show our compassion in times such as this. We should
consider the needs of everyone and not just ourselves. There are many seniors and families with small
children that struggle to find basic needs such as toilet paper and baby formula to satisfy their needs.
Please think about what you are doing and allow common sense to prevail.

Information regarding individuals purchasing large quantities of items only to resell at a high cost and
take advantage of our citizens are concerning and will not be tolerated. This is a time to show
compassion, check on your neighbors, seniors and those who may not have the ability to secure critical
items for theirselves or their families. Remember the Golden Rule and treat others the way you
yourself would like to be treated, we are not wolves and we are not in panic mode. If everyone would
just do their normal shopping and purchase their normal quantities to get by for a couple of weeks we
won’t disrupt the chain of supply and the normal schedule for restocking our stores. Trucks and
shipments continue to arrive based on the normal orders placed by our stores. We ourselves introduce
panic by purchasing large quantities of items and depleting the supplies normally ordered for the entire
community based on the normal quantities ordered in past months.

Events scheduled outside of City sponsored events and facilities:

We do know that there are events scheduled and organized outside of those sponsored by the City of
Rock Springs. These events where more than 15 people would gather at one time should be cancelled
for at least the next 3 weeks or upon further notice to minimize the risks of spreading this virus. It is
better to be safe than to take the risk. We will save many lives and minimize the impact to medical
facilities if we all do our part in controlling this virus.

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