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Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Your business should plan what to do before an emergency incident occurs. Once an incident starts it is too late to begin planning or to train employees. Immediate action must be taken to protect the public, employees, and business.

You may want to train employees to take action to mitigate the incident. You may decide evacuation is the best course of action. In either case prompt action is needed.

The top priority must be life safety of the public and employees. Work must stop and the emergency action plan must be put into use. The public must be directed to safety. In mercantile occupancies this means sales must stop. In other occupancies daily business must end and emergency action must begin.

Having an emergency plan and training employees is not only the law. It is also a business necessity. Injury or death is too high a price to be paid. Here are a few tips to consider in planning your emergency response:

·         What is the means of notifying people of a fire or emergency?

·         How will fires and other emergencies be reported to emergency responders?

·         What are the emergency evacuation routes from the building and facility?

·         Are there employees who must remain in place to operate critical equipment?

·         What is the assembly point during an evacuation?

·         How are employees and others accounted for after evacuation?      

For further information or help in emergency planning contact the Rock Springs Fire Department.

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