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Tactical Response Team

TRT Team

The Tactical Response Team con Response Team consists of an assault team, sniper/observation unit and a team commander. The assault unit consists of 8 officers each with different assignments. It contains a team leader, two breaching officers, and 5 assault team members. The sniper unit currently consists of 1 officer.
Officers wishing to be a member of the TRT unit must have two years on with the department, show a dedication to physical fitness, training standards and strive to constantly improve themselves and the department. Members of the unit attend 10 hours of training monthly which includes 2 hours of physical training and assessment. The current goal of the unit is overall standard fitness levels of 70%. The other 8 hours of monthly training consists of weapon proficiency, room clearing, officer extraction, building/ vehicle assaults, team movement and tactical training. TRT officers become proficient in the use of chemical munitions, distraction devises, automatic weaponry etc%u2026 In addition to the regular training regime, the sniper unit is responsible for solo training and weapon proficiency in his area.




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