Starting & Stopping Utility Service

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  • Property owners must contact our office to open billing accounts.
  • Construction contractors must also open billing accounts for temporary service and to have meters installed at new construction.

Accounts are assigned to property owners only.  If you are not the property owner, please talk to your landlord or property manager about being put on the utility billing.  Property owners must sign a 'Waiver of Right to Notice' for each new tenant in order for them to receive the water/sewer billing.



PLEASE NOTE:  Water/sewer service lines on the property are the responsibility of the property owner.  Therefore, the City does not turn on new service, nor do we shut off service unless forced to in the case of delinquent billings.  If you have moved into a location that does not have water service, please contact the realtor or property owner.  Unless previous unpaid water billings have resulted in service termination, water service should be on.  Also, check shutoff valves near the water meter to see if water was temporarily shutoff to prevent freezing or damaged lines.  Water meters are normally located in basements (look near water heater) or crawl spaces.   

  • If you are selling OR moving from a property, please contact our office to provide the billing closing date and a forwarding address. 
  • Owners are responsible through date of property sale.
  • Renters or tenants assigned service through a Waiver/Landlord agreement MUST PAY ALL CHARGES IN FULL THROUGH YOUR FINAL DAY in order for name to be removed from the billing. 

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