Swim Lessons

Swimming Lessons

Memberships must be purchased at time of registration and be current through entire class session.  If the membership is current, you may sign up by phone. Swimming lessons are currently available for ages four and up.  Also, Parents & Tots lessons are available for ages six months and up.
Class Descriptions:
Level I - Introduction to Water Skills
There are no prerequisites for Level I.
Level II - Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Float without support, tread water, combined arm and leg action on back/front and swim on side.
Level III - Stroke Development
Rotary breathing, front/back glide 2 body lengths, front/back crawl 15 yards, butterfly kick 15 feet, tread water 30 seconds.
Level IV - Stroke Improvement
Open turn on front/back, tread water 1 minute, front/back crawl 25 yards, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke, swim on side 15 yards.
Level V - Stroke Refinement
Swim underwater 15 yards, flip turn on front/back, tread water 2 minutes, front/back crawl 50 yards, butterfly, breaststroke and elementary backstroke, sidestroke 25 yards and rescue breathing.
Level VI
Swim 500 yards continuously using the strokes in the following order; 100 yards front crawl, 100 yards back crawl, 50 yards breaststroke, 50 yards elementary backstroke, 50 yards sidestroke, 50 yards butterfly, and choice of stroke 100 yards.
Fitness Swimmer
Cooper 12 minute swim test. Use a pace clock, pull buoy, fins, paddles, calculate target heart rate.
Personal Water Safety
Survival back float for 5 minutes, tread water 5 minutes, basic safety rules and swimming while clothed 50 yards.
Lifeguard Readiness
Reaching, throwing assist, hip and shoulder support, head splint, using a backboard.
Water Exercise
Water exercise combines water aerobics and swimming. It will challenge the body and entertain the brain. A perfect swim technique is not necessary, only a desire for fun and the excitement of trying something new. Water moves designed to challenge your speed, agility, and power while blasting away calories and stress!

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If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Tatyana Tracy.

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