Ice Skating Lessons

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Ice Skating Lessons

Register for Lessons for fall beginning at 5 am on September 23rd!

Memberships must be purchased at time of registration and be current through entire class session.  If the membership is current, you may sign up by phone. Ice Skating lessons are currently available for ages four and up. 
Tots - 4 to 9 years old, who has no skating experience.
Advanced Tots - 4 to 9 years old, who can fall, get up and do two footed maneuvers confidently.
Beginning Teen - 10 years old and up who has no skating experience.
Beginning Intermediate Adult -  Adult skater, who needs any or all of the basic skating levels.
Pre Alpha - Includes forward one and two foot glides, forward and backward swizzles, and backwards wiggle.  Prerequisite of Alpha.
Alpha - Includes forward crossovers, forward stroking, and snowplow stops.  Prerequisite of Beta.
Beta - Includes backward crossover, backward stroking (c-cut to one foot glide), and T-stop.  Prerequisite of Gamma.
Gamma - Includes forward inside 3-turns, mohawk, and hockey stops.  Prerequisite of Delta.
Power Skating I - Includes forward outside 3-turns, forward inside and outside edges.  Prerequisite of Freestyle I and or Power Skating.
Power Skating II - Includes extreme balance, posture and performance oriented skating maneuvers.
Freestyle I & II - Includes pivots, one ant two foot spine, spirals, half flip, dance steps, ballet jump, waltz jump, and backward edges.

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