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The Rock Springs Police Department's Bike Patrol Unit was formed in 1999 under former Police Chief, Neil Kourbelas. At that time, six officers were selected to participate in the new program. 

Sergeant Tim Robinson attended forty hours of specialized Police Mountain Bike Training in Salt Lake City and another forty hours of training in Moab, Utah. Sgt. Robinson along with another officer then returned to Rock Springs to train Rock Springs officers in the bike skills they had learned in Utah.


Bike Patrol Officers perform several special duties. They are most often seen patrolling the fairgrounds during the Sweetwater County Fair, but can also be seen during all patrol shifts, day and night, patrolling downtown Rock Springs. Bicycles are easy to maneuver around the thousands of people attending the fair, and officers on bikes can respond to calls for service much faster than their counterparts on foot. Officers on bicycles often have a more "approachable" feel than those in cars and are especially popular with kids. Bike Patrol Officers can be seen during parades patrolling the streets and assisting in keeping children (and sometimes exuberant adults) out of the path of oncoming parade floats and vehicles.


The RSPD Bike Patrol started out with four Schwinn Moab II mountain bikes which were outfitted with emergency lights, sirens, and gear bags. Each year, a couple more bikes are purchased to add to the fleet, and to replace those bikes that have seen better days. The RSPD Bike unit is now riding a combination of Schwinn, and Trek bicycles, all outfitted with law enforcement specific gear.



Rock Springs Officers are required to attend twenty hours of Police Mountain Bike Training to participate in the program. The training consists of several Law Enforcement specific bicycle skills as well as skills performed by most BMX and Mountain Bike riders. Most people learn to ride bicycles at a relatively young age. Bike Patrol Officers begin training with the basics. They first learn basic bicycle maintenance such as cleaning, lubrication, and how to change a flat tire.

 Officers then learn to start, stop, properly shift gears, and ride a bicycle slowly while maintaining balance, as they would have to do in heavy pedestrian traffic. Officers negotiate tight turns at slow speeds which require a combination of balance and braking.

Officers are also trained on how to ride up and down steep hills and negotiate obstacles they would encounter while riding in urban environments. 


Bike Uphill       Bike Downhill
They must also learn to bike up and down stairs
Bike Upstairs   Bike Downstairs
Officers also have to learn to jump with their bikes and land...some are lucky jumps....
Bike Jump
Others times the jumps are not so lucky...
Bike Crash Jump

But we get up and keep going!

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