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Date of Record: February 22, 2012

Youth League Schedules and Notices

                League                               Schedule                                Tournament Schedule
Baseball / Softball Leagues

Little League    
(5-12 years of age)                    Majors            A Minors         B Minors            Rookies          
     Mike Walker
Babe Ruth
(13-15 years of age)

     Chris Lee 371-8662                                  SCHEDULE                           

Post 24 American Legion
(14-19 years of age)       
     John Grossnickle 389-9935                    SCHEDULE                                  

Girl's Fast Pitch Softball
(6-21 years of age)                  Team Names        Registration Information    
    Saisha Montoya 389-3335           Tournament Schedules:   U-10     U-14     U-21        

Boys' Youth Basketball
(3rd - 6th grades)
     Julie Hunter 389-6048                3rd & 4th                                5th & 6th
Girls' Youth Basketball                    Schedules coming soon
(3rd - 6th grades)

     Joey Duran  371-9104                3rd & 4th                                5th & 6th                



Rock Springs Soccer Association

      Andy Fletcher 922-2194             Game Schedules

Rock Springs Avengers Soccer

      Lyndon Klein 382-8189


Young American Football League

     Teno Trujillo 354-6404                Posts in August                                Posts in August