Building Ordinances

Building Ordinances

Please refer to City Ordinances in Chapter 7, for exact requirements.  Based on specific projects, additional items may be required.

Adopted Codes:

 2021 International Building Code (ICC) with amendments

2021 International Mechanical Code (ICC) with amendments

2021 International Plumbing Code (ICC) with amendments

2023 National Electrical Code (NFPA) with amendments

2021 International Fire Code

2021 International Existing Building Code


The following items are required of the applicant when making an application for any new project that is not a single family home. The items shown on this checklist must be submitted to the Building Inspection Office at the time of applying for a permit. Items that are not included may result in the application being returned or may delay the review of the project.

1. Two sets of construction drawings. New structures and additions of 5,000 square feet and larger must supply plans as follows:

a. Architectural plans must be designed and stamped by a Wyoming registered architect.

b. All structural elements to be designed and sealed by a Wyoming licensed structural or civil engineer.

c. All mechanical and plumbing plans must be designed and sealed by a Wyoming licensed mechanical engineer.

d. All electrical plans must be designed and sealed by a Wyoming licensed electrical engineer.

2. Two sets of project specifications if available for the project.

3. Soils investigation that is site specific and complies with Section 1802 2018 IBC. Note: The foundation design must be based on the soils report recommendations and conditions.

4. Design loads are required to be shown on the plans. Minimum adopted design loads for Rock Springs are:

a. Snow load 30 psf. (based on a ground snow)

b. Ultimate wind speeds 115-mph exposure C.

c. Minimum frost depth 42" below finished grade to bottom of footing.

d. Floor loads and any special loads as listed in 2021 IBC.

5. The plans should list the proposed Occupancy Group and Division as defined in 2021 IBC.

6. The plans should list the proposed Type of Construction as defined in 2021 IBC.

7. The plans should list the Mine Subsidence classification as defined by the adopted Mine Subsidence Risk Map. Contact the City Engineering Department at (307) 352-1540. Note: If the proposed structure is located in a classified area, the foundation must be designed to mitigate the effects of the mine subsidence classification. A statement from the Design Engineer must be provided on the plans.

8. A dimensioned site plan showing all utilities, setbacks, streets, alleys and parking. Note: Contact the City Planner for specific requirements for Zoning and Floodplain requirements at (307) 352-1540.

9. Projects requiring grease traps, sand and grease interceptors or any special sewage treatment must be approved by the City of Rock Springs Pretreatment and Collections Supervisor at (307) 352-1466.

10. Restaurants and any food service facility must submit plans to the Sweetwater County Health Department.

11. All Code mandated elements that requires D.E.Q. permits prior to construction of infrastructure must be obtained and submitted prior to building permits being approved and issued.

12. Two full sets and one electronic set of plans that are amended to comply with the Plan Review must be submitted prior to issuance of Building Permit.



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