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Over the past several decades the role of the Rock Springs Fire Department has changed drastically. Today, the department provides a wide variety of services to the community including fire suppression, emergency medical first response, hazardous materials response, technical rescue, fire prevention, and community education. The Rock Springs Fire Department is an advanced, diverse, and progressive fire department that offers exceptional career opportunities for men and women seeking professional and personal satisfaction.

Firefighters in the Rock Springs Fire Department staff three fire stations 24 hours per day, seven days per week. They work what is known as the 48/96 schedule. They are scheduled for 48 consecutive hours and then are off for 96 consecutive hours – two days on, four days off.  Since firefighters literally live together for 48 hours, the firehouse becomes a combination of work and home, and coworkers are generally considered a second family. As a result, you will find a very strong bond exists between firefighters.

Hazardous Materials Response

While on duty, firefighters always maintain a state of readiness so they may quickly respond to any emergency that arises. Mitigation of emergencies is dangerous and complex, requiring organization and teamwork. At every emergency scene, firefighters perform specific duties as assigned by the Incident Commander. As an example, at fires they may be assigned to attack the fire, connect hose lines to fire hydrants, operate a pump to send water to the attack lines, or position ladders. They also search for victims, ventilate smoke filled areas, provide medical care to the injured, attempt to salvage the contents of the building, or standby to rescue an injured, lost, or trapped firefighter. Their duties may change several times while at the emergency and the tasks vary widely depending on the type of emergency.

When not responding to emergencies, firefighters:

·         Clean and maintain equipment, apparatus, and the fire station;

·         Deliver training to community members;

·         Conduct life safety inspections of businesses and homes;

·         Test fire hydrants;

·         Attend in-service training;

·         Develop pre-incident plans;

·         Participate in physical fitness activities;

·         Provide tours of the fire station;

·         Perform a variety of other related duties.

Ladder Truck ViewFirefighting isn't for everyone. People who are afraid of heights or confined spaces, who don't function well in a crisis, or who in general would prefer not to introduce elements of danger into their lives, are not well suited for this career. Additionally, individuals should consider a different career if they prefer a typical business schedule to working 48-hour shifts, are not willing to be away from their families on holidays and other special occasions, are not committed to continuing their education and maintaining a high level of health and fitness throughout their career, and/or do not work well in a team environment.
If you do not see these aspects of the job as a deterrent, firefighting is an exciting, ever-changing and highly rewarding career. You will find most firefighters enjoy the strong camaraderie among the crew, the challenge of providing technical and critical emergency services for others, the 48-hour work schedule, job security, good pay, and excellent benefits.

If this sounds appealing to you, we encourage you to explore a challenging career opportunity in one of the most progressive fire departments in Wyoming, the Rock Springs Fire Department.


The minimum requirements to apply for the position of Firefighter are as follows:

·         At least 18 years old;

·         High school diploma or GED;

·         Valid Drivers License with a good driving record and the ability to obtain a Wyoming Drivers License within 90 days;

·         In good physical condition and capable of meeting the department's health and physical ability standard;

·         No serious medical conditions (as outlined in NFPA 1582 and other applicable standards);

·         No severely limiting handicaps or psychological problems that would prevent safe performance of essential job functions;

·         No criminal history (felonies, history of drug problems, violence, etc); and

·         An excellent work history.

  •    Must be domiciled within 10 miles of Rock Springs City Hall within 90 days of employment.


The civil service testing process to establish an eligibility list of applicants occurs approximately every two years. The testing process will be advertised in the local newspaper and the City of Rock Springs web site for 30 days prior to testing. The testing process generally consists of the following steps:

·         Job Application: Applications will become available upon the announcement of the test. Candidates are required to submit a written application. Individuals who do not meet the minimum job requirements or submit an incomplete application will not be considered for employment.

·         Written Exam: Measures reading comprehension, mechanical aptitude, mathematics and the ability to comprehend and learn firefighting material from written instructions. It may also include fire and EMS related questions consistent with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the position.

·         Physical Ability Test: Upon successful completion of the written test, candidates are required to successfully complete the department's physical ability test. It is a pass/fail test. No adjustments will be made for age or gender.

·         Background Investigation: The City will conduct a comprehensive background investigation of the top candidates. Investigators will review the packet, verify its accuracy, interview previous employers, relatives, and friends and review all information obtained. When the Background Investigations are complete, the Rock Springs Fire Commission meets to rank and certify the list.


When a vacancy occurs within the Rock Springs Fire Department, the Fire Chief requests permission to fill the vacancy from the Rock Springs City Council. When the hiring of a firefighter is authorized, five names are provided to the Chief from the Fire Civil Service Commission.

·       Chief's Interview: A maximum of five candidates per position are generally interviewed by the Chief.

·       Conditional Job Offer: The successful candidate will be extended a conditional job offer. The candidate will receive a letter indicating the additional steps that must be taken prior to receiving a final job offer.

·         Drug Screen: Pre-employment drug screen will be conducted prior to final acceptance of a job offer.

·         Medical and Health Assessment: A comprehensive medical and health assessment will be conducted by the department's designated physician. All costs associated with this assessment will be borne by the City.

·        Final Job Offer: After reviewing all information obtained during the hiring process, a final job offer will be extended to successful candidates.

New employees will be required to complete a four week training and orientation period prior to beginning shift work.

The Rock Springs Fire Department does not maintain a job interest list. Applications will only be accepted during open recruitment periods. Openings will be posted on the City Website.

During open recruitment periods, applications can be submitted by mail, email or in person at Rock Springs Fire Department Headquarters – 600 College Drive. For additional information please contact the City of Rock Springs Fire Department at 307-352-1475.


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