Lot Purchases

Lot Purchases

Lot Purchases
Single or multiple gravesites may be purchased. Prices for gravesites and interments, etc. will be supplied by the City Clerk's office or your funeral home can provide this information. No interments or disinterments will take place until full payment or other financial arrangements have been made at the office of the City Clerk. In some cases, the funeral home guarantees payment, therefore, deed to the property will be released to the funeral home, which will in turn release it to the family.
NOTE: Deeds for any cemetery property will not be conveyed to the purchaser until the purchase price is paid in full.
Grave lot prices are:
Adult graves = $550.00
Infant graves = $250.00
Cremation graves  = $250.00 * *
Columbarium Niche = $800.00 (two cremation/two urn maximum, includes cost of engraving)
Mausoleum space = $1200.00
Paperwork fee (deed issue fee) = $20.00
  * * Lots specifically sized for cremation are available ONLY in the J.H. Anderson Section of the cemetery.  Cremations may be buried in any size lot.

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