The Rock Springs Cemetery is more than 100 years old and has been an important city function since the city was founded in 1889. It meant so much to the people of Rock Springs, that in 1924 they worked as volunteers for months moving all the unregistered graves to the cemetery.

In the 1980's the cemetery was completely surveyed and re-landscaped. This great effort to beautify the cemetery began ongoing city maintenance, and improvement. Security lighting was installed to prevent vandalism and improve safety for those who visit after dark. A tertiary effluent water irrigation system was built in all but the old Paul Wataha section to help conserve water while maintaining a lush green landscape in the middle of its desert surroundings.

There are three sections in the cemetery:

  • Saint Joseph's
  • Mountain View, and
  • Paul J. Wataha Perpetual Care.

Within these sections there are a number of blocks that have mostly been named after mayors of Rock Springs. The meditation area south of the main parking lot contains a map and a directory which alphabetically lists individuals buried within the cemetery. At the end of the print-out, it references which block the individual is buried in. The listing is not totally complete, but the intent is to aid those attempting to locate loved ones and friends.

We also offer an online directory of burials-

Burial Search

The maximum size for bases or foundations placed upon single lots within the cemetery shall be twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches (24" x 36"). The maximum size for bases or foundations placed upon double lots within the cemetery shall be twenty-four by sixty-eight (24" x 68").
Monuments -Upright stone
Markers- Flat stone

All marker and/or monument foundations shall be placed flush with the ground level and shall extend at least four inches beyond the perimeter of the sides of the marker or monument. All markers and/or monuments shall be centered at the head of the lots and shall be placed so as to allow at least six inches of open space between the outside edge of the base or foundation and the exterior boundaries of the lot. Single markers and/or monuments which are to be placed upon double lots may be centered across the common boundary line of said lots.

There shall be no height restrictions upon monuments placed within the cemetery except as follows:

  • Mayor Oblock and Mayor West Blocks of the Paul J. Wataha Section:
    No monument shall be allowed. Markers may extend no more than eight inches (8") in height above their foundations.
  • Mayor Anderson Block of the Mountain View Section:
    No monuments shall be allowed. Markers may extend no more than twenty-four inches (24") in height above their foundations.
Protective vaults shall be placed around all caskets placed within the City Cemetery. Vaults shall be constructed of such materials and in such manner as is directed by the Cemetery Sexton. Acceptable materials shall include but not be limited to concrete, steel, and fiberglass.
For a list of burials in Rock Springs Municipal Cemetery, please go to "Useful Links" tab at bottom of page.

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